Wednesday, July 22, 2009

im happy with him right now ! yeaaaaay ILOVEYOU BIE (:

now Hirzi Iskandar is not my bestfriend anymore, now he is my boyfriend ! OMG, you have stole my heart. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEYBEY, i will love you forever and ever baby. that is my promise to you, even i have to married with another guy but in my heart im still love you. *dah merapu dah aku ni, jiwangg sngt HAHAHA. thats all kott, okay byebye (:

Saturday, July 18, 2009


haha, qilaaaaaaa iloveyou ahaha. qila gilaaa siall lpstu tadi kn dkt pdg kn kn qila dgn wan kn toooooooooooooooot *suara anda dicensoredkan kerana ayat anda terlalu seksi untuk ditayangkan di khalayak ramai HAHAHA. wannnnnnn jaga adik baru aku ni leklok lh negro ! ahaha korang the best, ILOVEYOUUUUUUU <3


hha actually bkn darling pn, we're just bestfriend. yeah but i love him just like my lil brother lh ahaha dia comel ada lesung pipit and suka buat suara yg agak kelakar HAHA i love him so much. i dont know what can i do without him, i just like err cant live without him. HAHAHA *jiwangg. best sngt lepak dgn dia, mcm orang bodoh zz -.- hahaha do you want to know what his name? his name is Hirzi Iskandar but i just call him Izi ANAK MAK hahaha thats all i can say about him, byebye (:

Friday, July 10, 2009

about me (:

hi my full name is nur zalikha, but just call me ekaa for short. im fourteen, opps! sweet fourteen lhhh, hahaha *perasan. yeah my hobby is kacau orang, buat kerja bodoh err the example is colour kuku guna maker hahaha. i love to make friends, so be nice to me okay? i dont care who you are, the important is that you must caring about me, tk poyo cm rempit zz -.- hahaha and another else yg i tk suka lhhh. okay, thats all about me. goodbye honey (:

i miss you

yeah i miss this time. this time dkt mana entah i dah lupa zz -.- hahaha. time tu first time jmpa shez and she's so cute wow, cair siall. hahaha, yeah i remember this time dkt rumah pak long pudin kott. hihii ^-^ i miss you shez and alisya